Our Services

PinkApple, as a brand, has a web store and an integrated design studio for product interiors catering to different spaces including residential, corporate, hospitality and retail with a product line spanning lighting, furniture, wall art, window blinds, custom rugs and other textile accessories. With an in-house facility for design, sampling and production, it focuses on providing affordable solutions and timely delivery. PinkApple works across brands, providing support in design research, design strategy, layout and product innovations. Its online ecommerce portal gives its customers easy access to handcrafted products that are custom designed and even cater to bulk orders.

Design Studio

The PinkApple design studio is a one-stop solution for creative space design and product consultancy. We operate internationally and work with some of the big brands to create arresting and comprehensive environments with effective design process and execution. We provide custom support in design research, design strategy, layout and product innovations.

Web Store

The PinkApple online store is a one-stop shop for all things beautiful for interiors and spaces. There’s something for everyone, from architects, interior designers, to builders and walk-in customers. Our range of handcrafted products and accessories include lighting, furniture, rugs, carpets, wall art, blinds and more. Each of our products has a little story hidden behind a finish here and a bump there.


Our Journey

It was just another day in 2008 when Archana, who was 6 months pregnant with her first child, decided to pause from her regular day job and mull over the germ of an idea. In her line of work as a successful Designer & Brand manager with fashion houses such as United Colors of Benetton, Levi’s and Wrangler, she’d come across a need in the market, that she sensed needed to be plugged. She started building on the solution she had identified, for the interior design market. With a mere seed capital of ₹25,000, which her husband offered to start a business, Archana decided to register her company PinkApple, get a rubber stamp and make 4 quilts for a client. And thus began a journey with her first client, Purvankara Builders, from where PinkApple has never looked back. Like any journey, the ride has not been free of bumps, but Archana’s grit, determination, expertise in design, and belief in doing good and honest work has always paved the way forward for PinkApple. “Dare to believe that good things are possible when you follow your heart.” Archana Ganapathy Poonacha lives and breathes these words.

Empowering Local Communities

PinkApple believes in design with a heart. Designing for spaces is a passion, but preserving our heritage and empowering communities is a belief. Given India’s rich tradition of handicrafts, PinkApple knows in its heart that it is important to preserve this culture and weave a balance between what is and what was.

PinkApple currently works with artisans spread across 22 clusters located in different villages in the region. With limited funding and resources, the impoverished artisans are part of the handicraft industry, which is a vanishing tradition in the country. The mission? To reach out and work with 2,000 such clusters by 2020. The objective is to create livelihoods for the artisans by paying them for their handiwork, and in doing so, creating communities that are economically self-sufficient. In so doing, we are actually ‘making in India’, our direct association with the artisans brings down pricing and our clients can benefit from the rich tapestry of handcrafted products that are affordable, thus doing away with cheaper Asian imports. With a blend of classic and contemporary designs, PinkApple’s products help in keeping the legacy of the rich Indian heritage alive.

PinkApple is working towards creating a holistic yet integrated design ecosystem that preserves, motivates, inspires and emancipates, the creator, the provider and the consumer.

Our Advisory

Our people are the essence of our brand.


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